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As a UNESCO World Heritage City, Regensburg is known for its well-preserved medieval city center and can look back on 2000 years of history.

Because of its winding alleys, Regensburg is often referred to as the northernmost city in Italy and has a lot to offer culturally: in addition to the landmarks of the Stone Bridge and the Gothic Cathedral, the Walhalla is also a memorial built in the Parthenon style, which is not too far from the Donau Arena is an absolute highlight.

Overnight acoomodations Regensburg
Children who book our camp with an overnight package are accommodated in the Hotel Bartholomäus. The hotel is in a rural location in the northern district of Regensburg with a short drive to the Donau Arena. The overnight package includes 4 nights (Mon-Thu) including half board, 24-hour care and a shuttle to the camp.

The children are accommodated in 3 or 4 bed rooms. The day of arrival is usually the first day of the camp (Monday). If you want to arrive on Sunday, this is also possible. Children who stay with their families in the hotel should book directly at the hotel. The in-house pizzeria offers excellent food and an idyllic patio with a view of the Regental.

Hotel Bartholomäus
Hauptstraße 81
93197 Zeitlarn
Tel.: 0941-69600

Getting there:
We are excited to see you in Regensburg!

Walhalla-Allee 22
93059 Regensburg

Airports: Munich, Nuremberg

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